Our Funding Partners

The Irish Prison Service


“The Irish Prison Service is committed to reducing re-offending and improving prisoner rehabilitation through the development of an integrated, multi-agency approach to sentence management.

IASIO is a crucial partner to the Irish Prison Service in our continuing work to advance a system of planned and structured releases, promoting better outcomes for individuals and increasing safety in our communities.

The GATE and Resettlement Services provide valuable one-to-one support and advocacy services to prisoners. The prison based Training and Employment Officers and Resettlement Coordinators perform important interventions, enabling offenders to pursue training and employment opportunities and access primary care services post release, helping to remove barriers to effective and sustainable resettlement.”–Michael Donnellan, former IPS Director General

IASIO has successfully assisted over 31,000 people to gain education, training, employment and resettlement support since each of the Services began.

IASIO has been successfully assisting people to gain education, training and resettlement supports since 2000.

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