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IASIO, The Irish Association for Social Inclusion Opportunities is an independent company formed by Paddy Richardson in January 2012. It was set up to meet the needs of adult offenders in the criminal justice system, with a specific focus on alternatives to both offending and re-imprisonment. However, in 2019 it amended its Constitution to enable it to work with a wider cohort, including those with Mental Health issues, socially excluded groups, and long-term unemployed.
Since its establishment, IASIO is proud to have contributed to the development of policy that impacts upon the lives of our clients and thousands of others in similar circumstances. On a number of occasions, since as early as 2003, representatives within our services have been invited to attend Oireachtas committees and make submissions to the legislative consultation process. For examples, see here. Click here to locate the IASIO staff member in your area.


IASIO’s primary focus is operational—the provision of frontline services to people in the Criminal Justice system. Although each of IASIO’s Services occupy a unique operational niche, all of IASIO’s Services share the common aim of reducing reoffending. IASIO specialises in services that provide alternatives to offending, either as part of a community based sanction or as part of a person’s imprisonment. Currently IASIO manages three operational Services – the Linkage Service, The Gate Service and the Resettlement Service, under funding from the Probation Service and Irish Prison Service.

IASIO feels that as one of the largest Community Based organisations in the country working with prisoners and ex-offenders, it has a duty to represent its client group in the public domain whenever possible. We continually seek opportunities to shape policy and practice that strives to build a more positive future for our service users, their families, and the wider community.

Moreover, we know that when a crime takes place, victims and the community have been harmed and are in need of restoration. The primary victims are those most harmed by an offence, but others such as family members and members of the affected community are also victims. As an organisation, we strive to work alongside other agencies in the Criminal Justice system, Public Officials and Community Organisations to meet our shared aim of reducing recidivism and ultimately, making communities safer.

If you would like more information about how you can make your community safer, be of assistance to an ex-offender, family member, or any member of your constituency, please contact our CEO Sharan Kelly on 01 866 2721 or email

IASIO has successfully assisted over 31,000 people to gain education, training, employment and resettlement support since each of the Services began.

IASIO has been successfully assisting people to gain education, training and resettlement supports since 2000.

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