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IASIO is fully compliant with the new Charities Governance Code which sets sets out basic standards charity trustees should meet when it comes to managing their organisations. We confirm that a review of our organisation’s compliance with the principles in the Code was conducted and was based on an assessment of our organisational practice, as a complex charity, against the core and additional standards for each principle:

Principle 1: Advancing Charitable Purpose

Principle 2: Behaving with integrity

Principle 3: Leading people

Principle 4: Exercising control

Principle 5: Working effectively

Principle 6: Being accountable & transparent

We confirm that IASIO is committed to the core and additional standards outlined in these principles. We commit to reviewing our practice against the recommended actions for each principle each year.

Click on the link to download a copy of the IASIO Constitution.

IASIO works with a number of State agencies and is committed to the development and delivery of services to assist with primary needs and improve the employment opportunities of marginalised groups.

Irish Association For Social Inclusion Opportunities (IASIO), is a Not-For-Profit Organisation with Charitable Status (CHY20578) and Company Limited By Guarantee. Registered In Ireland No. 508840. Registered Charity no. 20578.


Disclosures of Interest & Conflict of Loyalty Policy
Roles and Responsibilities of Board
Board Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference
Protected Disclosures (Whistleblowers) Policy
Code of Conduct for Board Members
Feedback and Complaints Procedure

IASIO has successfully assisted over 31,000 people to gain education, training, employment and resettlement support since each of the Services began.

IASIO has been successfully assisting people to gain education, training and resettlement supports since 2000.

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