The Linkage Service

LeafletPDF1Connecting people to effect positive change. The aim of Linkage is to help ex-offenders access appropriate training, education, and employment with the ultimate objective of desistance from crime and full integration into the community.


The GATE Service

LeafletPDF1Training, education and employment The Training and Employment Officer (TEO) works with those in prison to help them develop a plan for release with a focus on training, education or employment and to identify barriers standing in the way of this.

The Resettlement Service

LeafletPDF1Supporting people before and after release from prison.The Service aims to help identify your resettlement needs and any supports you may require.The Resettlement Service also helps you develop release and post-release plans that offer the best chance of success on release from prison.

IASIO is a non-profit organisation specialising in the life planning, support and social inclusion of people with criminal convictions.