The Media’s Role in Supporting Clients Needs

2doc"IASIO believes that public safety is best serviced by rehabilitation and successful re-entry into society.The media have a responsibility to help shape perceptions and attitudes and we need to promote balanced, fair and accurate reporting on crime.

Working in the Community

2doc"The aim of Community Service is pay back to the community in a positive way for the damage caused by offending. It also facilitates civic engagement, enhancing connections between individuals and the community.


Recovery College Initiative in Castlerea Prison

2doc"A Recovery College is a collaborative educational initiative promoting mental health recovery practice. It works towards building a greater quality of life for service users by committing to give equal attention to the personal or lived experience of people with mental health difficulties, their family members/friends, and professional expertise.

Building Collaborative Bridges

docIASIO is aware that lack of coordination between agencies in the criminal justice system can result in an increased risk of offenders leaving prison without any connection to support services and assistance from government agencies and community organisations. With this in mind, IASIO hopes to continue to develop co-operative partnerships with the Irish Prison Service (IPS) to form interventions that mobilise all available resources to assist clients within the prison estate.